Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yes you are seeing this correctly....TWO posts in one day.   Look at me and my bad self!   I just was looking through my previous blog posts and found one from our very first year in seminary.   I almost fell off of my chair.  I knew that my kids were little when we came, but I guess I just imagined them being shorter versions of themselves now.    Its crazy to see how much they have grown and changed in our years in Wake Forest.  Caleb was about to go to first grade and in just a few short weeks, he will be starting middle school.  Noah was just this tiny thing that we had so many questions about and now he is an almost 3rd grader with no mental delays (in fact he is pretty stinkin' smart) and has "graduated" from both speech and occupational therapy.  Katelyn was still our "baby" in diapers and let me tell you,  on TOP of being a beautiful, funny, incredibly smart almost 2nd grader, she most certainly has mastered the whole big girl underwear thing!  Its more difficult to see how Jerrod and I have changed and grown next to seeing the visual changes in the children, but let me tell you that our home, hearts, and relationship are leaps and bounds more mature than they were in 2006. (even though we have so much farther to go).  Im so thankful for God's provision, protection and plan in our lives.  Jerrod has now graduated with his M Div. and while we are in somewhat of a holding pattern as we wait  for our next step, we have faith that Him and his amazing will for our lives.

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Joy for the Seasons said...

Wow, look at those cute little things!